Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3 P's

THe picture perfect purchases shall be coming soon. I had a blasty blast in London. I am right back into the work grind and school grind. So I am hoping this weekend I will get them posted. Happy Shopping my fellow fashion lovers.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sept Shoe Dazzle

It is that time again, SEPT 1st, means Shoe dazzle Stylists picked out 5 shoes for me, last month I said no so could have more money for my London Trip, which starts tommorow btw, Oxford Street here I come. Anyways...but I can choose a pair this month. I only like two. It just made the choice very easy.

I was going to choose these cute lil ruffled rasberry shorties at first. They looked soft and probally won't hurt my feet. But I realized since March have bought several rasberry, burgundy shoes. Needed to switch it up....well and as well cause I saw the other pair....the ones I actually said SEND ME THIS SHOE.

I choose these....AHhhhhh. Don't they just say MEOOOW? I saw that high perky heel, and the wild, "cagey" look and felt rocker chic right away. Then I saw the zipper on the back. AWESOME BONUS. So sorry cute and probally comfy rasberry shorties but I gotta go with the killers. Hope they turn out to be as well put together as my last Shoe Dazzle purchase.