Saturday, May 29, 2010

Boyz and Heels??

I will not put the picture out, because my little brother might die if he ever found it online..well one day when he would care. But my 11yr brother Mason said...

" Why do you have so many shoes"?

Me " Because I loveeeee them"...

Mason " I don't see what the big deal is".......

AS HE THEN PUT THEM ON, actually a pair of Nine West heels I showed in this post.

Mason " Oh, wow....Bridgie, how do you wear these things"

He was trying to walk in them, I am laughing at his basketball shorts and shirt is combined with my floral printed heels.

Me " I am so taking a picture of this"..laughing and laughing....

Me" Put one foot in front of the other, don't try to walk super fast and DONT BREAK them"

Mason : wobble, wobble, giggling, walking, then almost falling:

Me : click(photo)

Mason : hurry and kicks off shoes: " Noooooo pictures"

I just had to put that out there for um...the world? Hahaha to see. I love my sibilings, have I mentioned how amazing these lil guys are??

Now If I ever get Jessica, the little sister trying the shoes on, I will go ahead and post some pics. But, alas, I can not do that to my bro.

Happy Memorial Day my fellow Americans

Thank you to my husband and all the other fellow soilders out there. Past, present and the ones to come.

I always say a quote I heard form a General " hate the war, but love the American warrior"

~ Hugs~

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gluttony is a sin....?

Hey y' been way too long since I did much of anything besides just comment. Did you like the change I made to the page? I did, you know what I miss though? My playlist. For some reason I can not get it to work.

*note to self, try to get it to work and remember mitching and moaning about it and wanting to cuss out the website..IS NOT trying to fix it.

Okay on with some recent shoe purchases...

Above pair: Nine West, satin pumps via ebay for a big ole whopper of a price. $21 with shipping. Now as for those that might, I say might, be new here, I never buy used shoes on ebay. Nothing against it and I will buy other used stuff, but shoes to me, fall under the undergarment area...ONLY NEW. So that is even better of a price right?

Above pair: One of my fav, Steve Madden

These come from one of my favorite sellers on ebay, shoemetro
with shipping just $35!!

Oh and guess what? These are my first gladiator sandals. I have some that are kinda like this style, but I just did not get into last summer, and I know that they are hot still, but I just always kinda like buying when things have run their course of being " it" or right before they do.

Above pair: Steve Madden, snake skin printed flats. This is also via ebay. But it is a seller I have never used before and one that has under 100. Which is the feedback rating, when a 100 people have bought from people, I usually feel pretty good. But I do not have snake print, I have several other animal print, but not snake. Plus for $17 bucks, can't beat it.

Well shoot, my laptop just told me 25% battery gotta close this entry out. I have some pics of some purchases from to post, but another day perhaps.

I hope all you lovely bloggers are having a good kick-off to summer.