Monday, April 19, 2010

40 and Fab? Or maybe needing some work?

I am refering to this being my 40th post and that my blogging needs some work. If you are in your 40's..based on some women I know in real life and on do not need work. You are 40 and fab.=)
I will be coming up soon with some pictures of shoes I wore in Spain, actually one of them well be a full body pic. Eeeeekkk!! I have not done this well cause, I am currently in the battle to loose weight and do not enjoy my body and did not want the world to see me as a "big" girl. Atleast on the blog. How lame is that? I am me, for whatever that stands for. I am me. Soooo I figure if y'all love my shoes, I do not have to only show shoe posts, I mean not jumping into fashion blogging or anything, this is still feet obession over here. I also work at a teen center, so the clothing posts would get stagnt rather quickly. But if I slip in a full body post....oh well.
Deal with the curves!!
So I will get some pics up soon, for now off to work.
happy Monday