Thursday, November 4, 2010

Helpful hints.

Hey guys, sorry been MIA, having 12 credit hours, plus 30hrs of work, plus a household of husband+3kids+ dogs=CRAZY BUSY.=)

I have several new posts coming, on some new shoe buys, some shoes I want and some old posts I never finished.=)

But I wanted to post the link to this article..helpful hints for some age old high heel shoe problems.

8 Ways to Make Shoes Comfortbale

Have a great week.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love me?

I am soooo thankful, school starts tommorow. So that means MORE BLOGGING TIME.
My job is working with middle schoolers, for CYS, on the base. Which is awesome, works well for part time since I am still in school and have my siblings and my husband to have a life with.=) BUT during the summer, my hours doubled, sometimes tripled every week. Sooo coming soon to a blog near you.

Awesome buys from my trip to Italy, several new pairs of shoes, and um...I will come up with

I hope you all have had a good summer, I will probally do a " currently my life" post as well. Lots to come.

Please come back and I have missed you!!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shopping Ban

No shoe posts from recently, because it is so hot here, don't like to be inside, it is my birthday month, so figure wait for gifts and cards to come in and the most important one.


July 1st-July 31st.

No more than $25 for the month, on items that are not makeup, clothes, purses and SHOES.


But I needed to do this, I have been going over my shoe budget and April, May and June were some good months for my shoe collection.

Okay so just wanted to put that out there, but OH..I have been looking at shoes and If I get get any gift cards or birthday money .IT doesnt count...?? Right?

Hope summer is treating you all well.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trouble with a captial T!

I need to make my budget last..
I have a monthly shoe budget of $100 smack-a-roos
Sometimes I might go over by like twenty, but I try to stay true to it. Unless I do more clothes shopping. Which spoiled me, is another budget.
(sidenote: I gave myself these limits)
But this month just barely started, I got a pair from shoedazzle already. So I have $60 left and I want these shoes..

Sooo how about these STEVE MADDEN'S ? OH HELP ME. I adore them, I can not find them on or anywhere else yet. But $129??? Way over my monthly budget.. Eeek. Plus that is on sale. The only downside to them is the 5 inch heel, I dont mind a good heel and I love being almost 5"10 flat foot..but sometimes...I just do not want to be towering over my man. Jeez though, look at the detail.

Okay and then what about these??

Two Lips, @$79 on sale they are not bad, if I do not want anything else all month. The wacky heel is really neat and I would be so excited to own them. But not sure if it is worth my whole shoe budget. You???

Oh and how AMAZINGLY SEXY AND UNQUIE are these, Colin Stuarts. They are on sale for $49. Wow, just meeeeeooow. Maybe can get these and another pair of Colin's. sigh. But I don't just want those.

These Colin Stuarts are waaay affordable at $29.99, So I might get one pair for sure this month. But what I really want?? The orange, black and brown ones.=) See my problem!

Lastly, are these quaint flower detailed Miss Sixty's
@ $119 though, not sure. I prefer quainty with the power of the internet. I mean you can get your quailty, comfy, last forever, brand that you love shoes in multiple pairs. Not like back in the day where you couldn't..but I too believe in sometimes just splurrrge. Plus I do not have any Miss Sixty's.

(all above pairs are at, I won't even get into what I found on and

So what would you do??
See I am thinking just get in trouble and go waaaaay over budget
Sit down and just change my budget??
okay or just stick to the budget and be freaking happy that I can spend $100 on shoes a month anyways??
I knew you would say the last one. I should do that, so for anyone who liked the links. Just go buy them yourselves. I can enjoy them through your posts.=(
Have a great weekend. For reals. Even if you just broke my heart for being senisble.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I am sooooooooooooooo gobbling up the cute flats that are everywhere this month. Even in the June issue of the US Cosmo they are going on about flats. Walmart and Old Navy have some adorable ones, and that pair of Steve Madden sandals( which would be my whole shoe budget for the month) are just begging to come home with me. Anyways, check out that page. Good deals!!

My last two grabs before the Month was over!

THESE Steve Madden, Suede Heels is what put me over my budget. But, well see, I am a bit of competitive gal and this other gal came in and the last day started trying to take these from me. While I had orginally said I would not pay over the um, 20 bucks I had left in my budget, well that did not happen, she started by just raising by a few dollars, then she put me into the 40's. Well lucky me, the time difference made the auction end in the early wee mornings over there. Soooo HAHAHAHA LOOOOOSER. I mean sorry for you loss, but I got them, I paid $47 bucks, but they retail at like $100 something.

Aren't they lovely? I can not wait to dance in them and have them swish.

So I got these nice Jessica Simpson flats, where is??? Shoe Metro via ebay. I paid with $16.79 not including shipping.

Hey y'all! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Especially those that really understand the meaning of the Memorial Day, the sub-culture that is this miltary life. Not saying others don't understand, but sometimes it is like that inside joke. You can laugh, but you don't full down in the belly laugh unless you are part of it. To me that is how miltary life is. You can try to understand the pain, craziness, tightness, up hill battle, all the while worth it struggle of your "normal" life, but unless you are inside it. You just don't get it. Which is fine.

But anyways, thank you to my hubby, who even though he is serving here overseas, and being on an international base does not get him most American Holiday's off. I thank him for his service, I thank those other dear soilders, that through him I have come to know and love. Thank you to those that have fallen in the past and those that will fall in the future. God Bless America.

Also, God Bless America and the food we can cook up.=) We had our bbq on Sunday at a friends house. Ooooh yummmy, let me tell you what too, I have eaten quite a bunch of different countries foods. BUT USA, is the top. Because we get all those different people, from all those diffferent countries coming to USA, then it gets flipped, added to and made better(only in my opinion) and WAHHHBAM. Yum-o. Plus I have fed Germans, Belgians, British, Italins and Romanians, they love the flavor we add to our dishes. Sigh. Anyways so we had our nice bbq in an overcast sky. The strong miltary, multi country service memebers, should say men aka boys, decided to use all the ice and water from the coolers and one by one soak each other. It was awesome.

Okay enough of that for now. Sorry I started to just ramble, if you even read this far. I made sure I put the new shoes I bought over the weekend at the top. I had to get my last May purchases in. I went over budget a lil bit, but, better than I did in April.=)

Here's to June, a new budget for shoes.....and the deals I can find. God Bless Shopping.



Saturday, May 29, 2010

Boyz and Heels??

I will not put the picture out, because my little brother might die if he ever found it online..well one day when he would care. But my 11yr brother Mason said...

" Why do you have so many shoes"?

Me " Because I loveeeee them"...

Mason " I don't see what the big deal is".......

AS HE THEN PUT THEM ON, actually a pair of Nine West heels I showed in this post.

Mason " Oh, wow....Bridgie, how do you wear these things"

He was trying to walk in them, I am laughing at his basketball shorts and shirt is combined with my floral printed heels.

Me " I am so taking a picture of this"..laughing and laughing....

Me" Put one foot in front of the other, don't try to walk super fast and DONT BREAK them"

Mason : wobble, wobble, giggling, walking, then almost falling:

Me : click(photo)

Mason : hurry and kicks off shoes: " Noooooo pictures"

I just had to put that out there for um...the world? Hahaha to see. I love my sibilings, have I mentioned how amazing these lil guys are??

Now If I ever get Jessica, the little sister trying the shoes on, I will go ahead and post some pics. But, alas, I can not do that to my bro.

Happy Memorial Day my fellow Americans

Thank you to my husband and all the other fellow soilders out there. Past, present and the ones to come.

I always say a quote I heard form a General " hate the war, but love the American warrior"

~ Hugs~

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gluttony is a sin....?

Hey y' been way too long since I did much of anything besides just comment. Did you like the change I made to the page? I did, you know what I miss though? My playlist. For some reason I can not get it to work.

*note to self, try to get it to work and remember mitching and moaning about it and wanting to cuss out the website..IS NOT trying to fix it.

Okay on with some recent shoe purchases...

Above pair: Nine West, satin pumps via ebay for a big ole whopper of a price. $21 with shipping. Now as for those that might, I say might, be new here, I never buy used shoes on ebay. Nothing against it and I will buy other used stuff, but shoes to me, fall under the undergarment area...ONLY NEW. So that is even better of a price right?

Above pair: One of my fav, Steve Madden

These come from one of my favorite sellers on ebay, shoemetro
with shipping just $35!!

Oh and guess what? These are my first gladiator sandals. I have some that are kinda like this style, but I just did not get into last summer, and I know that they are hot still, but I just always kinda like buying when things have run their course of being " it" or right before they do.

Above pair: Steve Madden, snake skin printed flats. This is also via ebay. But it is a seller I have never used before and one that has under 100. Which is the feedback rating, when a 100 people have bought from people, I usually feel pretty good. But I do not have snake print, I have several other animal print, but not snake. Plus for $17 bucks, can't beat it.

Well shoot, my laptop just told me 25% battery gotta close this entry out. I have some pics of some purchases from to post, but another day perhaps.

I hope all you lovely bloggers are having a good kick-off to summer.


Monday, April 19, 2010

40 and Fab? Or maybe needing some work?

I am refering to this being my 40th post and that my blogging needs some work. If you are in your 40's..based on some women I know in real life and on do not need work. You are 40 and fab.=)
I will be coming up soon with some pictures of shoes I wore in Spain, actually one of them well be a full body pic. Eeeeekkk!! I have not done this well cause, I am currently in the battle to loose weight and do not enjoy my body and did not want the world to see me as a "big" girl. Atleast on the blog. How lame is that? I am me, for whatever that stands for. I am me. Soooo I figure if y'all love my shoes, I do not have to only show shoe posts, I mean not jumping into fashion blogging or anything, this is still feet obession over here. I also work at a teen center, so the clothing posts would get stagnt rather quickly. But if I slip in a full body post....oh well.
Deal with the curves!!
So I will get some pics up soon, for now off to work.
happy Monday

Monday, March 15, 2010

Loud and Proud

Just a post to show me wearing some of my new shoes. Been awhile since I actually posted me wearing some. Then I threw in an old pair of Uggs. I mean who didn't love these? I mean the trend made them typical, but I just put them away till it was not the "in" thing. Then volia, Europe is boot and Ugg look a like central. Sooo still try to not wear them, but when it is cold. They come out. Hope everyone had a good weekend. We are sad this St. Patty's Day, this time last year we were in Dublin, Ireland. But still will try to make it a good one. Since we are going to
host a Beerbbq, yes I call them that. Wonder why??=)
Old and True Ugg's. Not new by any means, but figured get them in the shot. Especially with the new article, about how since these are so flat, and soft. Your arch is getting flattened and your foot just slides around in them. Hmmmm...?? Dangerously Comfy is taking on a whole new meaning here.
These are a funky printed pair of Steve Madden's, my dog Jax wanted to get in on the shot.=)
Cheerful Betseyvilles. I love the lil cherry pin attacked to the bow. These make me smile.

These comfy and cute fall type flats are from Aldo's
A pair of Steve Madden Boots, that have patchwork of the different type of butterscotch type leather on them.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I have Sinned

So I follow this amazin lady called Sal, over at Already Pretty.
Yep click that link to go read her. She always has posts that get the readers to comment and has this spunky little personaility that seems to just flow from her outfit posts to her posts about random things. So she recently posted an entry called " Fashion Confessionals", I loved the idea and remember reading her first one last year.
But over 70 comments on hers and as I got to reading around 30 something, I thought, how does she read all of it? But she reads each comment and mine would probally just blend in. So I thought I am going to just quickly tell her I loved her idea and I wanted to post one myself. If she minds I will delete it.
So here I am, admitting dirty, faux paux or annoying little habits.
Hoping that I can get some comments on back about YOUR dirty lil ones too..
Here goes nothing...
1. I will sit in the mirror and nick pick all my lil flaws, and the lil scars that my hubby says no one can see and hate it. Then I will turn around and search for any teeny tiny lil black head or zit. I have to pick it. I use q-tips to be gentle sometimes, BUT I HAVE TO. I mean it is a horrible thing. I need help.=)
2. I have to use about 20 q-tips a day, I clean my ears spotless, my deep innie belly button and ready for nose. I refuse to stick a finger up there and yet I hate the feeling of anything in there, so after each shower, each day...nose cleaning. I know number 2 and you are already grossed out.
3. I like my expensive shoes cheap and never have paid full price for any pair I have bought.
4. I have numerous pairs of high heels I can not walk in, not because I can't because in Europe cobblestone is everywhere, I cant wear those spikey heels, but do I still buy them?
Damn straight
5. I have to shave my pits everyday, or else I feel weird. Even if I do not shower, I need a quick sponge bath in that area and a shave with a quick application of Deodorant.
6. I always am worried about my smell, do I stink? Smell too nice?
7. I buy belts and scarfs because I love the look on other ladies, but I do not know how to wear them right or should say I feel I dont, so they sit there. useless.
8. I love to buy new beauty products, who needs 4 different types of cuticle cream?
Um, apparently me, right along with 5 different types of dry heel lotions and cream. I need to stop.
9. I hate to pluck my eyebrows, I have gotten them waxed for the last 5yrs and even let friends pluck them. If they get too bad, I hide behind my glasses and quit wearing contacts. I sneeze constantly while doing it and feel I over pluck. So would rrather be a bit out of control that too thin.
10. On that note, I love to be pampered and have girly things, waxes, pedicures, manicures etc..but hate taking the time to do it to myself. I get lazy and stop half way.=(
Well sadly I could go on, but I will leave this at 10 for now. I best be off to go and get ready for work. You lovely ladies have a good day..and if you read this, never read my blog before...COMMENT, tell me I am not the only one with problems. hehehe

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cut it up...Just Cut it UP!!

Only after all these transactions have gone through....soo I got a lil shopping crazy. I got some new shoes, then some shoes for my husbands, then some bags for me, with some clothes for my husband.


I should be done

BUT I AM NOT!! I can not help but snag up a deal.

So I have shopped before, saw good deals...but also stayed with some other stores and sites. Well not this past weekend. I went CRAZY on that site. I mean when you find an Ed Hardy shirt for less than 20 get it right?? Or Kenneth Cole Sunglasses for your main squeeze 80% off you have to get it. It is just that everything is that marked down. So I figured I spent my monthly shoe budget, plus got some stuff for my hubby and the lil bro and lil sis.I should be happy, I should STOP.

Then THESE came to me, I got an email. Went to the website and saw these. These boots were made for walking, Betsey Johnson, Chocolate Brown Suede, Zip up the me

I mean they are only $380 bucks..what a deal right?

Oops. Not fair of me. That is the retail price..pick your chin up. YOU KNOW I would not pay that. but $74 bucks. Um yes siiiiiirrrrrr I will. Then the next thing you know, these shoes look dirt cheap next to the Betsey's.

Jessica Simpson, snake printed high heels, these girls have got to be the cheapest Jessica Simpson's I have purchased @ $18 bucks. I think. I would have to go look. Oh who cares, I would still get them.

I am pretty in love with bows and polka dots right now. So these Dollhouse, flat, slip ons fit the bill. Plus at $8 dollars. Um HELLLOOOO! How can I not get these.

Wow. How many times have I said hello, right and crazy in this entry? Ignore my low vocab this entry. My brain is fried due to ...something.=)

I realized I do not have any brown high heels..well I thought so at the time of clicking, oh online shopping is just too easy. CLICK. These are a pair of studded Chinese Laundry slide ons, at $13.00(80% off) they went right in my shopping bag.

These Naughty Monkey's were only $11.00 and they had 3 left in my size, what an emergency.=)

These cute lil beaded lovelies are Kenneth Cole Reactions for my lil sister, only $8 smackroo's.

I guess with tax season around the corner, I just went deal crazy. But in order for me to not get the boot from my hubby, I will just tell him that it is Feb and March's Budget. That should perhaps?=)

If not, then I will throw his goodies at him, then just do the age old trick of women around the world, pull each item out slowly..and say " These? I have had these forever"

I think I will wear a few to our trip to Spain in April. Which I mentioned on my other blog, but not sure if I did here. WE ARE GOING TO SPAIN. Oh heaven. I am so stoked. Yep I said stoked. I also say "dude", "I dig it" " peachy keen" " cool beans" and any other lame saying you can throw in there.=)

I hope you lovely ladies, have a great week. I am going to be quite busy. The school is out, so our Teen Center is doing a camp. I am happy to be going snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, doing arts, crafts, sit down meals etc. I love my middle schoolers.=)

~ Bridgette~

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lions, Tigers and BAGS..OH MY!

I think, I might have mentioned my love of bags right? Well I took a break from homework and um, well spent some money. Sssshh don't tell hubby.=) Wait a min I earn money, it shouldn't matter that I spend it all right?

I saw this Guess Hobo bag, I just had to have it. I have a yellow Nine West bag, but not this yellow and not a yellow hobo. Um..I need to have one of everything, well maybe not but you ladies understand right?right? Great, I thought so.=)

So I got it, annnnndd at less than $50 bucks when it normal is $118...heeeelllooo. Love it.

So I figured I was having such an awesome break from homework, that I would continue, who wouldn't.

I got a new laptop for school, a cute lil lime green one. I like lime green. Mu ipod is that color too. Anywwwhhooo. I had to get this rocker Steve Madden bag, it looks big enough for my laptop. So for only $22 bucks off of $110, well I can find another use for it. IF it does not fit my laptop.

Multi-use at it's best.
Okay best get back to school.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


It is offical. I have a problem.

Now this is a problem I admit too, that I will never want to fix and I embrace it whole heartedly!

I am addticted to shoes.

Not just for myself,

For example

Hubby" You have been buying a lot of shoes lately"
Me" Um, really, I guess so"
Hubby " Maybe you should slack off a bit"
Me" Okay, I won't buy anymore for myself this week"
Hubby" What do you mean for yourself? You doing that word play again"?
Me"(giggle) No silly, I just mean I won't buy anymore for myself this week"
Hubby " hmmm, okay"

Well maybe that is not how it went down exactly...buuuut it is very close.

Oh and btw I do that, the word play, try to wiggle it in there to were I am agreeing but setting it up to were I can still get away with it. It's great.=)

So I wanted to show you the shoes I got for my husband on as well as a pair for my 13yr old brother. He needs new shoes constantly, he is growing like a weed. I am not sure if our savings account will be ready for our own child. These are pricey things to have. Children I mean.=)

Okay so I got him these.

Oh just so you know,he likes shoes, and um pants and just clothes, necklaces in gerneral. Okay..well maybe, I got him hooked. Let him realize there are a lot of stuff out there for men. You just have to search a bit harder than us ladies do sometimes. ::sigh:: I created a monster

So I realized he did not have a pair of blue or green sneaker/tennis shoes. So I haaad to fix that right?

These New Balances were only $38 bucks, and they have gone done in price.

Then these Adidas, remind me of jr.high, they were only $28 bucks.

Now these Dekline's were $17 when I bought them and now they are just under $14.

Bear in mind all these prices are roughly 75% less than retail or what they were. It pays to not have things right away, or to shop thrift or discount places. I refuse to pay full price for anything.

If you do not shop at GOTTA. JUST CLICK ON THIS....good job.=)

Oh and in case you wondering, which I know you were. I got a 100% on that last assignment I was talking about. I guess me being able to talk a lot is helping me out in this Sociology class.

Talk to you soon,

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Been awhile since Ebay Called my Name

I guess with my busy schedule of school, work and the family. I have not had time for my beloved ebay. Aww I missed you lover. But I was sick on Friday and had a chance to do some browsing and put some bids. I did not win some really cute wellies, or rain boots. I need a pair or two. Steve Madden has some really bright and cheerful ones. I did, however, win two cute pairs of sole padders.

These patchwork, Steve Madden's, for 13.51..hahah like the 1 cent I got in there?

I use to have several pair of stylish boots from living in Alaska, when you want to not just be wearing some snow clompers but be cute. But after living in Texas for almost 5yrs, I got rid of them. I have plenty of sandals and open toes now.=) Never can have to many shoes right? Anyways I will go I now live in Boot captial of the world. Europe. So got to be getting some more, these patchworks are shorter than the usual style here. But I dig them.

I work with teens, so sometimes I might be able to wear heels, but I need more cute flats. I bid on these cute Aldo Tweed flats. 10.50. Gotta love ebay. I like the print on them as well.

Well gotta get back to my sociology homework, anyone want to desribe the drug trade from the conflict theorist's view? No? No takers?..oh well...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Chestnut colored, flat calf length boots? Why yes I think I shall.=)

These are my monthly Shoe Dazzle purchases, I am working on getting the pictures of other shoes I need to post. Stayed tuned

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where did the love go?

I will be getting this re-done, I have lots of shoe posts to do, I need to get my juices flowing again. The blogsphere is an amazing lil/big world. I long to get back into. Please stay tuned for that.

Hope your 2010 is off to a good start.