Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Always Works Out

I know I never let you know what pair I got. Well I almost went with the Chunky Blue ones since they went on sell but the thrift girl in me went ahead and tried for the ebay ones.


NEITHER PAIR, I lost on them. That is the only downside to EBAY no guarntee. HOWEVER I did not give up and I choose 3 other ones. I WON ALL 3. I can only show you two of them since the 3rd one has their picture protected. Guess that will have to be a on foot picture huh? So tell me whatcha think? I never used to buy Nine West shoes, I have several bags but I am getting hooked. Of course Gotta have my Steve Madden

Have a Great Day!!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heel of a Choice

So It is time for my monthly purchase...I have or should say I prefer to buy a pair a month. 1- Makes me feel attached to some form of my old lifestyle 2- Helps prevent me from then buying 3 or 4 at a time 3- Because shoes just make sense. =)

So here is what I am looking at $100 max!! That is including shipping. (sigh) It makes me sad to limit myself but since I AM THE ONE who wanted to go to school full time, and work part time I need to be fair to my hubby and our bank account. =)

<-------First Runner Up
<-----Nine West Jai-$89.99 @ Zappos

What I love: the peek-a-boo toe OF COURSE,the 70's style print, I just see an awesome summer dress with these, and then the heel. I have never bought Nine West and this fellow blogger that has shoe collection to die for has tons. I was stunned I had never really looked at them. Guess I was focused on my old favs.

Second Runner Up------------------------>

Women Naughty Monkey-Cool It/$59.99 on sale @ SHI

What I love: HELLO the name is awesome, the buckle, and teal blue and brown stripes.

<-----Third Runner Up
<-----Red Polka Dotted Steve Madden Wedges $17.99 buy it now, current bid is only $10 @ Shoe Metro on EBAY

What I love; The fact that I want a pair of wedges, I love red, and that if I get these I can get another pair or even two...which I would pick these below.

Only 24.99 @ the buy it now price
Steve Madden
love; the sailor vibe I am getting

24.99 and that is only the starting bid
Jessica Simpson
love: the heel and the fact that for some
weird reason I do not have a
a pair of gray heels, or shoes period.

So what would you choose?? What should I pick??
I will leave that to ponder over the weekend. Y'all Have a great one.

Happy Blogging


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wild Thing

You make my heart sing....

You're my everything....

Wild thing....I think I love you....
I love these Steve Madden's, I need some more leporard print shoes. I got these at a Steve Madden Sale. I got 2 pair for 50 Bucks. Ahhhhh, sigh! Gotta love those sales. I always wait till things are out of "season" when I really want them. Cause when I really want them they are usually waaay to pricey. Who ever came up with the idea of outlet stores, clearance, online discount wharehouses, deserve the Nobel Prize.

My other "wild" shoes are these purple, almost look like stripper shoes. I really enjoy these, the pop or purple(one of my favorite colors), the print, but the style reminds me of something you would see on stage. To lessen that impact I wear them with black pants.

What would you say is your "wild pair of shoes"

Sunday, March 1, 2009

An old favorite and the newest addition

So these great high heels are from the Jessica Simpson Collection, they are an awesome shade of POMEGRANTE!! I love them. I WON them on EBAY for less than 30. Now that includes shipping. If you like brand names like Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson, Guess..etc there is a great place on ebay called ShoeMetro. GO CHECK THEM OUT!!

As well the green shirt under neath it was to kinda give y'all a lil peek of what I shall be wearing on St. Patty's Day in Dublin. I assumed the green would really pop with dark jeans and those shoes. I think I am right? How about you??

Then this other pair I got at Marshall's before I left the states they are Madden Girl which is an off branch of Steve Madden. I love them because even though I'm a tall girl naturally(almost 5'10) I still love a good pair of heels and these are 4 inches.

So that is all for now just thought I would be super busy and not able to get any pictures of my shoes on here but had some time so wanted to show atleast one.