Monday, March 15, 2010

Loud and Proud

Just a post to show me wearing some of my new shoes. Been awhile since I actually posted me wearing some. Then I threw in an old pair of Uggs. I mean who didn't love these? I mean the trend made them typical, but I just put them away till it was not the "in" thing. Then volia, Europe is boot and Ugg look a like central. Sooo still try to not wear them, but when it is cold. They come out. Hope everyone had a good weekend. We are sad this St. Patty's Day, this time last year we were in Dublin, Ireland. But still will try to make it a good one. Since we are going to
host a Beerbbq, yes I call them that. Wonder why??=)
Old and True Ugg's. Not new by any means, but figured get them in the shot. Especially with the new article, about how since these are so flat, and soft. Your arch is getting flattened and your foot just slides around in them. Hmmmm...?? Dangerously Comfy is taking on a whole new meaning here.
These are a funky printed pair of Steve Madden's, my dog Jax wanted to get in on the shot.=)
Cheerful Betseyvilles. I love the lil cherry pin attacked to the bow. These make me smile.

These comfy and cute fall type flats are from Aldo's
A pair of Steve Madden Boots, that have patchwork of the different type of butterscotch type leather on them.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I have Sinned

So I follow this amazin lady called Sal, over at Already Pretty.
Yep click that link to go read her. She always has posts that get the readers to comment and has this spunky little personaility that seems to just flow from her outfit posts to her posts about random things. So she recently posted an entry called " Fashion Confessionals", I loved the idea and remember reading her first one last year.
But over 70 comments on hers and as I got to reading around 30 something, I thought, how does she read all of it? But she reads each comment and mine would probally just blend in. So I thought I am going to just quickly tell her I loved her idea and I wanted to post one myself. If she minds I will delete it.
So here I am, admitting dirty, faux paux or annoying little habits.
Hoping that I can get some comments on back about YOUR dirty lil ones too..
Here goes nothing...
1. I will sit in the mirror and nick pick all my lil flaws, and the lil scars that my hubby says no one can see and hate it. Then I will turn around and search for any teeny tiny lil black head or zit. I have to pick it. I use q-tips to be gentle sometimes, BUT I HAVE TO. I mean it is a horrible thing. I need help.=)
2. I have to use about 20 q-tips a day, I clean my ears spotless, my deep innie belly button and ready for nose. I refuse to stick a finger up there and yet I hate the feeling of anything in there, so after each shower, each day...nose cleaning. I know number 2 and you are already grossed out.
3. I like my expensive shoes cheap and never have paid full price for any pair I have bought.
4. I have numerous pairs of high heels I can not walk in, not because I can't because in Europe cobblestone is everywhere, I cant wear those spikey heels, but do I still buy them?
Damn straight
5. I have to shave my pits everyday, or else I feel weird. Even if I do not shower, I need a quick sponge bath in that area and a shave with a quick application of Deodorant.
6. I always am worried about my smell, do I stink? Smell too nice?
7. I buy belts and scarfs because I love the look on other ladies, but I do not know how to wear them right or should say I feel I dont, so they sit there. useless.
8. I love to buy new beauty products, who needs 4 different types of cuticle cream?
Um, apparently me, right along with 5 different types of dry heel lotions and cream. I need to stop.
9. I hate to pluck my eyebrows, I have gotten them waxed for the last 5yrs and even let friends pluck them. If they get too bad, I hide behind my glasses and quit wearing contacts. I sneeze constantly while doing it and feel I over pluck. So would rrather be a bit out of control that too thin.
10. On that note, I love to be pampered and have girly things, waxes, pedicures, manicures etc..but hate taking the time to do it to myself. I get lazy and stop half way.=(
Well sadly I could go on, but I will leave this at 10 for now. I best be off to go and get ready for work. You lovely ladies have a good day..and if you read this, never read my blog before...COMMENT, tell me I am not the only one with problems. hehehe