Monday, March 15, 2010

Loud and Proud

Just a post to show me wearing some of my new shoes. Been awhile since I actually posted me wearing some. Then I threw in an old pair of Uggs. I mean who didn't love these? I mean the trend made them typical, but I just put them away till it was not the "in" thing. Then volia, Europe is boot and Ugg look a like central. Sooo still try to not wear them, but when it is cold. They come out. Hope everyone had a good weekend. We are sad this St. Patty's Day, this time last year we were in Dublin, Ireland. But still will try to make it a good one. Since we are going to
host a Beerbbq, yes I call them that. Wonder why??=)
Old and True Ugg's. Not new by any means, but figured get them in the shot. Especially with the new article, about how since these are so flat, and soft. Your arch is getting flattened and your foot just slides around in them. Hmmmm...?? Dangerously Comfy is taking on a whole new meaning here.
These are a funky printed pair of Steve Madden's, my dog Jax wanted to get in on the shot.=)
Cheerful Betseyvilles. I love the lil cherry pin attacked to the bow. These make me smile.

These comfy and cute fall type flats are from Aldo's
A pair of Steve Madden Boots, that have patchwork of the different type of butterscotch type leather on them.


Carla said...

Now that I look at your shoes...I think I need some cute flats =)

Great shoes btw


Sher said...

I love the yellow floral bows! Just too cute :)

And catching up on blog reading here. Wow! Going to Spain! I'm so excited for you!

Lisa said...

So cute! I love them all, especially the printed Steve Madden's and the Betseyville's. Soooo awesome! <3 shoes!