Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm so Blue

Bluuuuueeeeeeeeeee, I'm so lonesome for you, why can't you be blue over me.....

I adore that song

But these blue heels?


Now I usually never, ever regret a purchase. But these cheap snakeskin shoes?

oh yeah.


I figured if I am being "real" with my blogging I would share these. I saw these for a shoedazzle purchase in June. I figured... " What the heck"
They seemed to be daring, bold blue, I could wear them with a black dress, out to a bar. I would not wear them to the store or work. I know the black snakskin pattern is not "day" wear.

But I got them in. Opened the pretty box


They stayed up in my closet. Hiding in "blue hearted" shame.

I figured try to wear them out.

They felt cheap, looked cheap, hurt my feet.

Sad day.

Now just need to find a home for them.
That is not the garbage dump.

They may be cheap, but I figure there is a stripper out there who needs these bad girls.


Have a great Day~