Monday, November 16, 2009

Great Deals

I just wanted to post an awesome deal I had the good luck of coming across due to me following lovely Kimberly., over at Fab Finds over 50. If you are not following her already you just MUST go to it.

Because of her I got SPECTACULAR deals on Nine West at, they are having their Nine West Shoes on sale for......14.95..OH MY!! So of course I went and got oh..about 4...eerr or 5 pair.=) The best thing about that is that I paid the price I would for ONE pair of Nine Wests at some places. NOW It is only going on for a short time. I think the end of this week So click on the couple of links I have provided and do some happy SOLE shopping.=) Yes I did that on purpose.hehehe.

Would you like to see the cuties i got? I know I have been absent here and on my other blogs. I am fired...soooo fired.

are these not cute or what? I love the lace, I do not have a pair of lace shoes.

I did choose a pair of comfy work shoes, that look like they will really let me breathe, well my feet breathe, while I chase around those kiddos.

The teal ones are so bright and simple I had to get them. Then I love the beads on these pointy fuschia pink ones.

This smooth looking gray pumps had to be mine when I saw that mini lil buckle.(remember into buckles and ruffles) plus it has rhinestones.=)

So I will be getting some more pictures up of me wearing these bad boys oh and my Shoe Dazzle ones too since

I finally got my Oct pair of Shoe Dazzle Memeberships shoes. I put on those lovely ruffles and they fit...sorta. I have been in denial about something, and putting those shoes on made me have to just accept it. You know those lovely little addtions us blessed women can get on the side of their feet?? From our best friends that are always able to make us smile?

Yes, I am talking about THOSE awful, dreaded...gross BUNIONS....(crying).... I earned them proudly(well proudly is stretching it)from before when i would wear slightly too tight( BIGGEST mistake), or way to uncomfortable(stupid me) but still wear them for 8 hours on my feet. (sigh) Plus my mom had to have one removed in her mid to late 20's as well. So that means I have to get them removed, and being in Belgium shall see when I can set up that doc appt...I did not want to have to have them removed. I wanted to keep pretending they were not that bad, because I know that means about what..6 months with NO HEELS.....


That was me falling to the floor and throwing a fit. =)

Yet I know I have to do it now, while still a lil bit close to young, that way can have plenty more years of wearing SMART choices of my lovely best friends. Oh who am I kidding as well I will wear the NON smart choices too, but will wear them a bit more wisely. Is that an oxy-moron or what? What I mean is to dinners, movies...things I am basically sitting down for.=) You know we ALL do this...get those killers and just choose to wear them on low level outings.
Anyways I am trying to catch up on everyones blogs, you all just make me want to keep shopping, broaden my taste buds and get a bigger closet.=) Happy Monday

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Falling Over for Buckles.

So fall is almost over and I have been running around like a chicken with it's heaad cut off that it almost passed me by. The amazing oranges and reds, the cooler weather and all. Well I am in love with buckles lately, buckles, ruffles and flats. Sooooo I wanted to give a couple of quick photos of some new shoes I got on sale. Down to a out of this world price..... 7 smackroos. I mean that is it 7 bucks. I thought how did these cute buggers get passed up for the 25% off, the 50% off and make me able to get them for 75% off?? PLus they are not that pricey to begin with. So I stopped with the hubs and the kids to take some lovely pics against the fall leaves. Figured get a few with the new pads on. Here you go.

P.S. I still have not had the time to get on and post the slideshow, I am sorry, oh and not forgetting about the Shoe Dazzle shoes. I just barely, I mean barely(this past Friday) got my Sept pair. sooo must get those pics up soon. Have fun Shopping y'all.