Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Always Works Out

I know I never let you know what pair I got. Well I almost went with the Chunky Blue ones since they went on sell but the thrift girl in me went ahead and tried for the ebay ones.


NEITHER PAIR, I lost on them. That is the only downside to EBAY no guarntee. HOWEVER I did not give up and I choose 3 other ones. I WON ALL 3. I can only show you two of them since the 3rd one has their picture protected. Guess that will have to be a on foot picture huh? So tell me whatcha think? I never used to buy Nine West shoes, I have several bags but I am getting hooked. Of course Gotta have my Steve Madden

Have a Great Day!!



~B~ said...

I did not want to edit the blog since gotta run. BUt figured leave here....I paid 11 for the Nine Wests and 20 for the Steve Madden, they both came from Shoemetro. So they are new not used. I loooove that. less than 54 bucks for both pairs and shipping.


Ps. The 3rd Pair are Steve Madden's as well I paid 29.99 with free shipping.

Lisa said...

aww these are so cute! and you got such awesome deals! yay! :P hehehe

i love those red ones, and also, i loooooove steve madden too! how are their pumps? i've heard that they are uncomfortable..hmmm

Lisa said...
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~B~ said...

The burgundy ones are Nine West, the other two are Steve Madden, I have worn them flat, and heels. This will be my first wedge with him. I think any shoe can be painful. I wear the heel things, I buy them at Shi and they stick to the back heel part, If they are to tight on my toes I know they will rub to much. A lil pain is okay. So depends on what you like. Go to a sale and buy one cheap. That way you are not paying 100 bucks and not liking it. =)