Thursday, March 5, 2009

Heel of a Choice

So It is time for my monthly purchase...I have or should say I prefer to buy a pair a month. 1- Makes me feel attached to some form of my old lifestyle 2- Helps prevent me from then buying 3 or 4 at a time 3- Because shoes just make sense. =)

So here is what I am looking at $100 max!! That is including shipping. (sigh) It makes me sad to limit myself but since I AM THE ONE who wanted to go to school full time, and work part time I need to be fair to my hubby and our bank account. =)

<-------First Runner Up
<-----Nine West Jai-$89.99 @ Zappos

What I love: the peek-a-boo toe OF COURSE,the 70's style print, I just see an awesome summer dress with these, and then the heel. I have never bought Nine West and this fellow blogger that has shoe collection to die for has tons. I was stunned I had never really looked at them. Guess I was focused on my old favs.

Second Runner Up------------------------>

Women Naughty Monkey-Cool It/$59.99 on sale @ SHI

What I love: HELLO the name is awesome, the buckle, and teal blue and brown stripes.

<-----Third Runner Up
<-----Red Polka Dotted Steve Madden Wedges $17.99 buy it now, current bid is only $10 @ Shoe Metro on EBAY

What I love; The fact that I want a pair of wedges, I love red, and that if I get these I can get another pair or even two...which I would pick these below.

Only 24.99 @ the buy it now price
Steve Madden
love; the sailor vibe I am getting

24.99 and that is only the starting bid
Jessica Simpson
love: the heel and the fact that for some
weird reason I do not have a
a pair of gray heels, or shoes period.

So what would you choose?? What should I pick??
I will leave that to ponder over the weekend. Y'all Have a great one.

Happy Blogging



Lisa said...

omg so many great shoooeeesss!! hehe. i love love love that first pair, the nine west ones. those are my favorite.

but i have to say i also love the grey jessica simpson ones, those are cute too and grey is such a good color to have.

and of course, i love steve madden. sigh. such a great brand, always wonderfully awesome shoes. anyways. aww i love shoesss.


~B~ said...

Awww thanks Lisa for the comment. I can not wait till you post your fashion one. I am split between the Nine West ones and the Red Polka dots Steve Madden's from Ebay. Only because I can have 2 other pairs. lol.

Georgia B. said...

i am loving the second runner up!

but they're all great shoes!

~B~ said...

Thank you Georgia.

Lydia said...

I'm working on getting a pair of patterned pumps...these are some good ideas to pick from! :)

Milly said...

Great choices!! i own the Striped SM pumps...but i'm loving those JS Grey Pumps..where from?

~Hurricane B~ said...

I just saw a new comment on those post... sorry for so long Milly. They are from Shoemetro via Ebay. Shoemetro and gothamcity are two great stores on ebay. I think they still have some of the gray ones. Check them out. Thanks for stopping by an leaving me comments too. I really appreicate it.