Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I am sooooooooooooooo gobbling up the cute flats that are everywhere this month. Even in the June issue of the US Cosmo they are going on about flats. Walmart and Old Navy have some adorable ones, and that pair of Steve Madden sandals( which would be my whole shoe budget for the month) are just begging to come home with me. Anyways, check out that page. Good deals!!

My last two grabs before the Month was over!

THESE Steve Madden, Suede Heels is what put me over my budget. But, well see, I am a bit of competitive gal and this other gal came in and the last day started trying to take these from me. While I had orginally said I would not pay over the um, 20 bucks I had left in my budget, well that did not happen, she started by just raising by a few dollars, then she put me into the 40's. Well lucky me, the time difference made the auction end in the early wee mornings over there. Soooo HAHAHAHA LOOOOOSER. I mean sorry for you loss, but I got them, I paid $47 bucks, but they retail at like $100 something.

Aren't they lovely? I can not wait to dance in them and have them swish.

So I got these nice Jessica Simpson flats, where is??? Shoe Metro via ebay. I paid with $16.79 not including shipping.

Hey y'all! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Especially those that really understand the meaning of the Memorial Day, the sub-culture that is this miltary life. Not saying others don't understand, but sometimes it is like that inside joke. You can laugh, but you don't full down in the belly laugh unless you are part of it. To me that is how miltary life is. You can try to understand the pain, craziness, tightness, up hill battle, all the while worth it struggle of your "normal" life, but unless you are inside it. You just don't get it. Which is fine.

But anyways, thank you to my hubby, who even though he is serving here overseas, and being on an international base does not get him most American Holiday's off. I thank him for his service, I thank those other dear soilders, that through him I have come to know and love. Thank you to those that have fallen in the past and those that will fall in the future. God Bless America.

Also, God Bless America and the food we can cook up.=) We had our bbq on Sunday at a friends house. Ooooh yummmy, let me tell you what too, I have eaten quite a bunch of different countries foods. BUT USA, is the top. Because we get all those different people, from all those diffferent countries coming to USA, then it gets flipped, added to and made better(only in my opinion) and WAHHHBAM. Yum-o. Plus I have fed Germans, Belgians, British, Italins and Romanians, they love the flavor we add to our dishes. Sigh. Anyways so we had our nice bbq in an overcast sky. The strong miltary, multi country service memebers, should say men aka boys, decided to use all the ice and water from the coolers and one by one soak each other. It was awesome.

Okay enough of that for now. Sorry I started to just ramble, if you even read this far. I made sure I put the new shoes I bought over the weekend at the top. I had to get my last May purchases in. I went over budget a lil bit, but, better than I did in April.=)

Here's to June, a new budget for shoes.....and the deals I can find. God Bless Shopping.




Carla said...

wow, those heels are to die for!!!

Londyn said...

OMG!! I ADORE those heels! So pretty and eye-catching.

t said...

Those heels are so cute!


we have is-shoe said...

i love that fringe heels! and thanks for dropping by our blog!