Saturday, June 5, 2010

Trouble with a captial T!

I need to make my budget last..
I have a monthly shoe budget of $100 smack-a-roos
Sometimes I might go over by like twenty, but I try to stay true to it. Unless I do more clothes shopping. Which spoiled me, is another budget.
(sidenote: I gave myself these limits)
But this month just barely started, I got a pair from shoedazzle already. So I have $60 left and I want these shoes..

Sooo how about these STEVE MADDEN'S ? OH HELP ME. I adore them, I can not find them on or anywhere else yet. But $129??? Way over my monthly budget.. Eeek. Plus that is on sale. The only downside to them is the 5 inch heel, I dont mind a good heel and I love being almost 5"10 flat foot..but sometimes...I just do not want to be towering over my man. Jeez though, look at the detail.

Okay and then what about these??

Two Lips, @$79 on sale they are not bad, if I do not want anything else all month. The wacky heel is really neat and I would be so excited to own them. But not sure if it is worth my whole shoe budget. You???

Oh and how AMAZINGLY SEXY AND UNQUIE are these, Colin Stuarts. They are on sale for $49. Wow, just meeeeeooow. Maybe can get these and another pair of Colin's. sigh. But I don't just want those.

These Colin Stuarts are waaay affordable at $29.99, So I might get one pair for sure this month. But what I really want?? The orange, black and brown ones.=) See my problem!

Lastly, are these quaint flower detailed Miss Sixty's
@ $119 though, not sure. I prefer quainty with the power of the internet. I mean you can get your quailty, comfy, last forever, brand that you love shoes in multiple pairs. Not like back in the day where you couldn't..but I too believe in sometimes just splurrrge. Plus I do not have any Miss Sixty's.

(all above pairs are at, I won't even get into what I found on and

So what would you do??
See I am thinking just get in trouble and go waaaaay over budget
Sit down and just change my budget??
okay or just stick to the budget and be freaking happy that I can spend $100 on shoes a month anyways??
I knew you would say the last one. I should do that, so for anyone who liked the links. Just go buy them yourselves. I can enjoy them through your posts.=(
Have a great weekend. For reals. Even if you just broke my heart for being senisble.


Carla said...

I love shoes...and I would spend a fortune if I could BUT if you gace yourself a limit you should stick to it....june has only begun =D I'm sure ull find more shoes in ur budget
but I love the 1st and 2nd pair hehe

~Hurricane B~ said...

SIGH. You are right, I did not buy any. =) Besides 100 a month on shoes is really good, especially for us miltary folks. hehhee. Thanks for your comment lady.