Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shopping Ban

No shoe posts from recently, because it is so hot here, don't like to be inside, it is my birthday month, so figure wait for gifts and cards to come in and the most important one.


July 1st-July 31st.

No more than $25 for the month, on items that are not makeup, clothes, purses and SHOES.


But I needed to do this, I have been going over my shoe budget and April, May and June were some good months for my shoe collection.

Okay so just wanted to put that out there, but OH..I have been looking at shoes and If I get get any gift cards or birthday money .IT doesnt count...?? Right?

Hope summer is treating you all well.


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Delightfully Tacky said...

I'm on a shopping ban too. I've always been super frugal, but still, the ban is totally a bummer. I just keep telling myself it's so I can feed myself and the winnebago...

And yes indeed, that is the Captain Cook in the background. I love going to the Crows Nest and looking over the city, though I've only been there a couple times. Spendy food and drinks!