Sunday, February 7, 2010

Been awhile since Ebay Called my Name

I guess with my busy schedule of school, work and the family. I have not had time for my beloved ebay. Aww I missed you lover. But I was sick on Friday and had a chance to do some browsing and put some bids. I did not win some really cute wellies, or rain boots. I need a pair or two. Steve Madden has some really bright and cheerful ones. I did, however, win two cute pairs of sole padders.

These patchwork, Steve Madden's, for 13.51..hahah like the 1 cent I got in there?

I use to have several pair of stylish boots from living in Alaska, when you want to not just be wearing some snow clompers but be cute. But after living in Texas for almost 5yrs, I got rid of them. I have plenty of sandals and open toes now.=) Never can have to many shoes right? Anyways I will go I now live in Boot captial of the world. Europe. So got to be getting some more, these patchworks are shorter than the usual style here. But I dig them.

I work with teens, so sometimes I might be able to wear heels, but I need more cute flats. I bid on these cute Aldo Tweed flats. 10.50. Gotta love ebay. I like the print on them as well.

Well gotta get back to my sociology homework, anyone want to desribe the drug trade from the conflict theorist's view? No? No takers?..oh well...

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