Thursday, February 11, 2010


It is offical. I have a problem.

Now this is a problem I admit too, that I will never want to fix and I embrace it whole heartedly!

I am addticted to shoes.

Not just for myself,

For example

Hubby" You have been buying a lot of shoes lately"
Me" Um, really, I guess so"
Hubby " Maybe you should slack off a bit"
Me" Okay, I won't buy anymore for myself this week"
Hubby" What do you mean for yourself? You doing that word play again"?
Me"(giggle) No silly, I just mean I won't buy anymore for myself this week"
Hubby " hmmm, okay"

Well maybe that is not how it went down exactly...buuuut it is very close.

Oh and btw I do that, the word play, try to wiggle it in there to were I am agreeing but setting it up to were I can still get away with it. It's great.=)

So I wanted to show you the shoes I got for my husband on as well as a pair for my 13yr old brother. He needs new shoes constantly, he is growing like a weed. I am not sure if our savings account will be ready for our own child. These are pricey things to have. Children I mean.=)

Okay so I got him these.

Oh just so you know,he likes shoes, and um pants and just clothes, necklaces in gerneral. Okay..well maybe, I got him hooked. Let him realize there are a lot of stuff out there for men. You just have to search a bit harder than us ladies do sometimes. ::sigh:: I created a monster

So I realized he did not have a pair of blue or green sneaker/tennis shoes. So I haaad to fix that right?

These New Balances were only $38 bucks, and they have gone done in price.

Then these Adidas, remind me of jr.high, they were only $28 bucks.

Now these Dekline's were $17 when I bought them and now they are just under $14.

Bear in mind all these prices are roughly 75% less than retail or what they were. It pays to not have things right away, or to shop thrift or discount places. I refuse to pay full price for anything.

If you do not shop at GOTTA. JUST CLICK ON THIS....good job.=)

Oh and in case you wondering, which I know you were. I got a 100% on that last assignment I was talking about. I guess me being able to talk a lot is helping me out in this Sociology class.

Talk to you soon,


Londyn said...

LOL - I think I've had similar conversations with my man!!!

I'm about to check out that link :)

Katherine Thomas said...

I love your posts! Keep them coming! I'm glad to know I have fellow shoe-addicts out there! But I'm into a phase of buying on a whim, wearing once, and returning!!! Maybe I'm going through a style breakthrough...