Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lions, Tigers and BAGS..OH MY!

I think, I might have mentioned my love of bags right? Well I took a break from homework and um, well spent some money. Sssshh don't tell hubby.=) Wait a min I earn money, it shouldn't matter that I spend it all right?

I saw this Guess Hobo bag, I just had to have it. I have a yellow Nine West bag, but not this yellow and not a yellow hobo. Um..I need to have one of everything, well maybe not but you ladies understand right?right? Great, I thought so.=)

So I got it, annnnndd at less than $50 bucks when it normal is $118...heeeelllooo. Love it.

So I figured I was having such an awesome break from homework, that I would continue, who wouldn't.

I got a new laptop for school, a cute lil lime green one. I like lime green. Mu ipod is that color too. Anywwwhhooo. I had to get this rocker Steve Madden bag, it looks big enough for my laptop. So for only $22 bucks off of $110, well I can find another use for it. IF it does not fit my laptop.

Multi-use at it's best.
Okay best get back to school.

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