Monday, February 15, 2010

Cut it up...Just Cut it UP!!

Only after all these transactions have gone through....soo I got a lil shopping crazy. I got some new shoes, then some shoes for my husbands, then some bags for me, with some clothes for my husband.


I should be done

BUT I AM NOT!! I can not help but snag up a deal.

So I have shopped before, saw good deals...but also stayed with some other stores and sites. Well not this past weekend. I went CRAZY on that site. I mean when you find an Ed Hardy shirt for less than 20 get it right?? Or Kenneth Cole Sunglasses for your main squeeze 80% off you have to get it. It is just that everything is that marked down. So I figured I spent my monthly shoe budget, plus got some stuff for my hubby and the lil bro and lil sis.I should be happy, I should STOP.

Then THESE came to me, I got an email. Went to the website and saw these. These boots were made for walking, Betsey Johnson, Chocolate Brown Suede, Zip up the me

I mean they are only $380 bucks..what a deal right?

Oops. Not fair of me. That is the retail price..pick your chin up. YOU KNOW I would not pay that. but $74 bucks. Um yes siiiiiirrrrrr I will. Then the next thing you know, these shoes look dirt cheap next to the Betsey's.

Jessica Simpson, snake printed high heels, these girls have got to be the cheapest Jessica Simpson's I have purchased @ $18 bucks. I think. I would have to go look. Oh who cares, I would still get them.

I am pretty in love with bows and polka dots right now. So these Dollhouse, flat, slip ons fit the bill. Plus at $8 dollars. Um HELLLOOOO! How can I not get these.

Wow. How many times have I said hello, right and crazy in this entry? Ignore my low vocab this entry. My brain is fried due to ...something.=)

I realized I do not have any brown high heels..well I thought so at the time of clicking, oh online shopping is just too easy. CLICK. These are a pair of studded Chinese Laundry slide ons, at $13.00(80% off) they went right in my shopping bag.

These Naughty Monkey's were only $11.00 and they had 3 left in my size, what an emergency.=)

These cute lil beaded lovelies are Kenneth Cole Reactions for my lil sister, only $8 smackroo's.

I guess with tax season around the corner, I just went deal crazy. But in order for me to not get the boot from my hubby, I will just tell him that it is Feb and March's Budget. That should perhaps?=)

If not, then I will throw his goodies at him, then just do the age old trick of women around the world, pull each item out slowly..and say " These? I have had these forever"

I think I will wear a few to our trip to Spain in April. Which I mentioned on my other blog, but not sure if I did here. WE ARE GOING TO SPAIN. Oh heaven. I am so stoked. Yep I said stoked. I also say "dude", "I dig it" " peachy keen" " cool beans" and any other lame saying you can throw in there.=)

I hope you lovely ladies, have a great week. I am going to be quite busy. The school is out, so our Teen Center is doing a camp. I am happy to be going snowboarding, skiing, ice skating, doing arts, crafts, sit down meals etc. I love my middle schoolers.=)

~ Bridgette~


~Hurricane B~ said...

SOme wrote me an email saying that "fried" made me sound like a stoner. I am not..I meant all the shopping. Plus the....and then something. Meant i could not think of anything. Just for future FYI

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