Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sparkly. Cagey. Ruffle-y or how many words can I add a Y to the end of?

Phew! It has been to loong!
Not since I bought or wore adorable shoes that make me want to walk around naked just so people look at them.
If I was naked people would only  have my shoes to stare at!
 So I figure it is high time I get my Alaskan tail in gear and start posting some shoes, but been so long I got to actually go through my closet and make a section of shoes I have bought since last posted regularly and make sure I take pictures wearing them.
Ones that accent them anyways.

But recently while on a 12 day cruise through the Greek Isles, Croatia, Turkey and Montenegro....

Okay done being jealous and wiping the drool from your chin?

I happened to take a picture of just my feet. I know I can post full body shots wearing the shoes, but not sure I want to go from just a shoe blog to a fashion blog...maybe soon. For now though in order to focus just on the wonderful soles.

These lovely black and sparkly things were worn on the cruise ship on my birthday. July 7th.
I got them at the PX for less than $40 bucks. They are a brand called Anne Michelle

I tried to see if I could find this exact shoe online somewhere but no luck. HOWEVER if you
you can be looking at getting your own pair of Anne Michelle's just this time in a very, very cute lace print.

Now I know what you are thinking....what is up with these pictures?
But in my defense I thought I had a close up of the shoe on some occasions that I have worn them on, but not really. Excuse the chipped polish on the third one. It was a busy day and I meant to touch up..but I didn't so ignore or deal with it.

 I got them at

back in Jan(2011)
with a gift card that was a Christmas Present
So to me they were free but the price I paid was less than $30.
They quite often have a buy one get one at 50% off.

So def check their website out.

Okay on to the Cage-y
I have actually only show you these Michael Antonio's when I first bought them and that was only the picture from online.
These girls have been to Spain, Belgium, Germany and back.

If you don't remember or didn't read
I got these in a shoe dazzle monthly purchase.
I ADORE them. check out their spiked heel?
Guess what?

They are COMFY.
I really mean it.
Only thing I have had that was anything sucky about them is that after dancing in them my foot had the cag indents on my foot. But that wasn't even painful.
They are great.

Awww look my feet have feet friends.
Hope you don't mind Claudia I showed your feet off too

Okay lovely readers. That is just the three I had to show real quick.


better to be told as the three I have pictures of on this computer and not having to hook up the external hard drive I store pictures on.


I am always honest.
Sometimes not to my advantage.



Carla said...

I love the ruffles!!!

Londyn said...

So much fun! These shoes are amazing. Can't wait until you post again :)