Monday, February 11, 2013

Slap my wrist and then Shush Your Mouth

Hey fellow shoe lovers!! I know..I know..once again I failed on posting on here. I have not posted pictures of shoe purchases in almost a year. Believe you me though that does not mean I have not bought.

THIS is me saying I am trying to make it a goal to post four times a month, start small right??

AS WELL....YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE what I got at DSW for $30...or techinally right under that

a pair of shoes is too easy...

guess again?


I KNOW!! I was visiting my grandma & best friend in Washington, went into a DSW, they were having a clearance sale and I went straight to my size. Sitting there with what seemed to be a beam of light from heaven above( errr okay that might just be in my mind) on the shelf in my size but a brand I only dreamed of buying. So I grabbed them a bit like Gallum..err Gollum? You know LOTR creeper guy? Stroking the box "my precious"...again only in my head...I SWEAR. Look in the box, yep both pair are the same brand, no marks, scuffs, damage...just seem to be an out of date style. Price? $245 Nope. Cannot afford that. Oh wait tag says SALE $145.99...yikes..still cannot afford that...wait...what is this..

YELLOW TAG FOR 80% OFF???!!!!! Hurry Bridgette do some Math....CHA-CHING

Ran or speed walked to the register to purchase them ASAP.

So I will post a picture of them, and try to get posts up three times this month.



Frederik Sisa said...

Welcome back, Bridgette! I'm looking forward to your fashionable footwear finds. Cheers!

Londyn said...

Yes, welcome back and can't wait to see those posts :)