Sunday, June 21, 2009

Polka Dots, Jewels. straps...OH MY

I got my shoes in the mail and wanted to post a couple more pictures with me trying them on, you know they always look different from the off foot and in front a white background.

I loooove my Bestsies...but they are tight. The tightest pair of 10's ever. I will wear them with pride..hopefully they loosen up or maybe I need to hit the gym harder cause my feet got fat too? lol =)

Betsyvilles at Shoe Metro Less than $ 40 with Shipping, June 2009

These are adorable and I love the jewel on them

Tj maxx Fall of 2006
Not sure on the Price

I love these red shoes, they are so comfy and can work in them all day and be standing on my feet

Kahlia--or something like that.=)

From Shii via Journey's

Spring 2007

Price $38

Nine West's, they are more tannish and orange than the white I thought. I still love them though, the orange heel is a kicker

Shoe Metro via ebay

June 2009

So it will be a bit before I can read all of our your fabolous blogs, see your lovely outfits Iwish I had and comment on your awesome style. I have lots to do, I am getting custody of my 3 younger siblings, and it is happening very soon, with all that and college I have missed to many days and already have toooons of blogs to catch up on. It is a long story but in short

I had a crappy childhood, love my mom but she has issues and things she has always needed to fix, in a bad, bad place right now and it is not good for my two brothers and sister(ages 12,10 and 9) soo I mentioned letting my husband and I have custody for a year, let them have a happy home and big bonus it is in Europe. Well she said yes, so have passports, court paperwork, miltary paperwork, looking into getting them into the school system, etc etc etc..getting house ready, make up their rooms,.phew

So this is just to say If you notice the absences of my comments, which I hope you might =) hahah just kidding y'all have so many followers. Plus me not posting any shoe posts. That is why, it might be too much info for some of you, I just wanted to put it out there.

UPDATE*** July 1st

I started to write this back on the 21st of June, even TOOK this long to finish it. I have bought two new pair of shoes, some awesome rings on etsy and numberous other crap to hurry and get some new stuff in before my ban started. I will be posting those pictures..well um sometime in the summer.=) I said I would do it from July 1st to the 31st. It is the 2nd day and I am doing okay. Just have to have the power to delete the emails I get with all the good deals.

Editors Note::::

Please ignore the bug bites on my legs, my swollen left ankle and dirty floors Especially the brown rug...that is in the entry way and the dogs always sleep on it. Hard to keep hairless unless I vaccum everyday, and I all ready do it 3x a week..=) cheers



Nike Dunks - Nike SB said...

Very nice heel...

Sher said...

I was going to say, "how come I never noticed this post!"

Those are really cute buys! Those blue ones are super cute! I think they just need to stretch.

Sal said...

Love the Betsyville pumps. And my gosh, hon, hope it all goes well with your sibs ...

georgia b. said...

love love love the polka dot pair!