Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Stop the Madness....

I am on a roll, I have been a shoe buying freak.....BUT OH MY check out all of the lovely shoes I got :::::sigh::::: then smile then ::::sigh:: again!

Say hello to my new 6 babies..

I felt like a kid again when I say these lil cutie pies, Madden Girl, by Steve Madden


These uber cute and sassy as all get out Betseyville' first pair ever.


No suprise that I got 4 new Pair of Steve Madden's
I love him!! I have noticed that I really am getting a lot of wedges lately
I love good ole pointy high heels, but with these cobblestones streets in
the little European towns it is easier to have something that does not get stuck in the
cracks every 5 mins




So that brings my grand total to $88 bucks, now that does put me over my shoe budget, because of my Nine West's I got last week. So I am at roughly 10-12 over...the 88 does not include shipping. Some are from the same one so I get cheaper shipping, but I think it will cost around 30 bucks to ship all of those since there are 3 stores I bought from.

$50 hurts a bit

Sssssshhhh do not tell my hubby

Oh and how bad is that since I went over I more won't hurt

LOL! STOP ME!!! I just still am over the moon at how much less than retail I paid. So i refuse to have the broken budget ruin my joy, I will think about the budget later.=)

Have a great Weds y'all.

:::::** UPDATE**:::::
I actually got the Betsey in Blue..I had thought I bid on the red and got those, but I checked and nope..the blue. Oh well still super cute!!


WendyB said...

Your shoe buys are quite thrifty actually!

Lydia said...

They're all lovely! :) Way to shop! :)

Sher said...

Great finds and awesome prices! Love those polka dots ;)

Lisa said...

ok. so for someone who can score such awesome finds, uhhmmm yeah i think you deserve to go a little over your budget!! that is talent. i need to learn how to shoe shop like you. hehehe. best way to think of it is...uhhh yeah imagine how much you WOULD have paid if you had gotten them at retail??? in the 100's! so you did good.

ok. and these shoes are darling. so when you said "betseyville" is that the brand of the shoe, or are we talking betsey johnson?? cuz...if they are betsey johnson, man, i love her stuff!!! and if not, well then i love those shoes anyway, so that's a brand i'll have to check out.

and we all know i love steve madden and therefore madden girl...gotta be my favorite shoe designer of all time!! hehe. i'm easy to please. hehehe

~Hurricane B~ said...

Thank you all very much, I tell my husband all the time the retail cost of my additction.

Lisa-yes dear it is Betesy Johnson, in the betesyvilles. I just wrote was on the description. I like her stuff too and wanted to try them out. I got out bid on a pair last month, I was not loosing these. Like I said shoemetro and gothamcity on ebay. Wholesale.

Kimberly said...

What a fantastic haul! I love Betsey's shoes especially since she always adds detailing of some sort on the bottom!

Milly said...

i love those Betsey's shoes...i have to check that site out

Lisa said...

hehe ok thought that's what you meant!! ahhh i love betsey johnson stuff, and it's usually soo expensive!! that is a great deal you got there. ok i'm gonna have to check out those ebay stores! sometimes i have a hard time finding you have links??

~Hurricane B~ said...

I have the links for all the shoe places I find good deals at on my post " Great Websites". I actually have the links to the 2 stores on ebay. So you can check those out too.

georgia b. said...

oh, my goodness! these are ALL so cute!

yikes. you are making me want to go shoe shopping. you are a terrible influence. if i fall of the spending wagon, i'm telling the hubby it's your fault! :)

Londyn said...

How FABULOUS!!!! Love them all!