Monday, January 9, 2012


I am working on it. I have ten more days of just work and no school. So it is a goal to get caught up on my shoe purchases. I will also do a round up of 2011 for me, also thinking of including my nail polish love on here...and maybe fashion? I am just curvy and do not have the clothes some of my favorite fashion bloggers it is a leap for me. For now I will go with just posting my shoes again then atleast a once a week nail is that??

I hope your Christmas was great, New Years even better and that your 2012 has started off treating you fantastic.

See ya Soon!!



Frederik Sisa said...

I'm looking forward to your upcoming posts. Welcome back to the fray! Happy New Year :)

Carla said...

yay!!!! :) I love your shoes! And you should do clothes as well.Curvy ladies can wear so many nice clothes that "skinny" people can't wear!

Carla said...

got your comment. SO Julep ships to Europe or do you have an APO address? I was wondering if they did...:)
I do not use tape for the nails, I find that it's too sticky! I use enforcement strips for paper, the round ones :)
yea stupid deployment....came so sudden :(