Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Comfy, Cute and CHEAP CHEAP!!

I can not help but look at shoes online, I know I said I am or would be saving for London. But these shoes are great for work. I work with kids, primarly at a youth center. Soooo all my cute high heels not really suitable. I have some flats and sneakers, but I need to get some more..well ME work shoes that will not cause me to have blisters up the ass.=)

Aren't these so fun?? I love them, I work with kids so I bet they will get a kick out of them as well. They are less than $25 smackaroos

So these AMAZINGLY CHEAP Lily Pulitzers should be mine. I mean I found them for less than $50 including shipping, they retail for over $200. Plus uber cute GingerSnap always raves about her stuff. So I figured I should try them

how do these Betsy's look?? Familar right? That is because I have them in PINK.....and did not know they come in BLACK TOO....ahhhhhhhh! I must, must have them. Right?? I think I should have them

These K-Swiss are super bright and remind me of playing on a playground. (I know I just showed you how dorky I am)They are going for $34 buy it now price, that is atleast half off.

How simple and cute are those Amercian Eagle flats? Plus for $10 bucks...can not beat that

It has been years since I bought a pair of K-Swiss shoes for myself, mostly just get them for my hubby. But I love wearing sneakers, especially to work. Then finding them for $30(includes shipping) Well that tells me i should start to buy them again. ------>

Don't worry my first love is still heels, well tech it is jellies since I said I loved them back in the late 80's.=)



Sher said...

Those yellow ones are super cute!

K Swiss trainers said...

wow nice collection but the second one is really awesome than any other.