Monday, August 24, 2009


So with all the things going on with my life right now a little anti stress routine is CRUCIAL Figured if anyone else is stressing(like most do) you might want to try this.
I found doing this nightly or atleast 3x a week, really makes me feel calm before I go to sleep, which then helps me actually GO TO SLEEP, instead of sitting there with my thoughts racing.

After washing my face, doing my toner and face cream I will use

~ Either the Orange Peels or the Cucumbers Peels for my eyes

~ Then I do This Soothing cool face mask

~Which I then follow with using this Anti-Stress Pillow

~ I then rub Nieva Cream onto my elbows, neck and hands

That little nightly routine, makes me feel so much more relaxed!!!

Something I love about the Earth Theraputic's brand is that they are cost effective. I can still get some pamper stuff and not go broke. Of course there are the products that are "pay raise" type products, but I will save those for another post!

What do you do to help you de-stress?

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Lisa said...

i love this post. lately i have been a huge fan of destressing! beauty rituals like these are my favorite! my favorite relaxing ritual is taking bubble baths! i love it. i am especially in love with LUSH products at the moment...ohhh so wonderful if you have never checked them out! ahhh. i also love simple things like washing my face before bed and slathering on some yummy moisturizer. anyways i could go on and on but i'll stop there... hehehe