Friday, August 21, 2009

High End Street Shopping

So I did post any August shoe buys this month, because I am saving my mula for my London trip begining of Sept. I have been there before but not overnight yet. I will be there for 4 days. So of course I will be shopping on HIGH END STREET. I have looked at those stores in my UK edtions of Cosmo, Marie Clarie etc...and looonged to shop there.

I will have to be careful when I am looking at these, being velet or fake velvet they could ruin quite easily. So I will make sure I think about it. But I like the simple look of them.

This reminds me of the 80's like no other, it is really in over here in Europe. Espeically the UK. I looove this dress though. Not to 80's. I have been on a polka dot kick since June as well.

I have nothing floral, cause well I was never really into in my early 20's. I have seen so many wonderful prints this spring/summer so I figured what the heck, I would get some. My first purchase was the nine west pumps. But I hope they still have this dress in the store, I want it, it has pockets too. Plus I could put a jacket and pair of closed toe pumps and it would be professional.

I love the bright pink color and the funky straps, plus the heel is not thick but not thin, A lil pricey though at over 100 bucks.Still should be on the maybe list.

These destroyed boyfriend jeans from Topshop I think were roughly 30 bucks converted to the US Dollar. Not bad I say.

I looooove this dress, I like that it looks like a 2 piece and it is not. The deep burgandy is a good color against my skin tone I think too.

I know I do not normally post clothes, but I figure since a special trip will post some of the outfits I am digging and might buy. What do you think?

This comfy shirt is at Matalan, a really cheap place to shop in London. It is going for less than 20 bucks. That is with the conversion from pounds into dollars. I would wear this with the pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans.

I always wanted a pair of Wellies, these are going for less than 20 bucks as well. Aren't they cute, to bad we adults can not look as carefree and cute running and splashing in the rain. Here in Belgium it rains like it does in London, so I will get good use out of these.


~Hurricane B~ said...

Just wanted to let you all know that I am aware of the frequent typos. I always say I speak it fluently so I assume others do too and that I do know as well that London has High Streets in every Borough. I just meant the main big shopping area. Thanks

Sher said...

You have some beautiful choices. I would buy them all! You're so lucky to be going. Have a great time and lots of fun! Sept is right around the corner ;)