Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Great Websites

Hey!! How are all the fellow shoe lovers doing? Well I just wanted to put a quick post about some awesome deals and websites that I have looking at.
First off shi via journeys updated their website and it is AWESOME and easy to shop now.
I want to tell you as well to go to, they have some great deals on favorite brands. Which is also the clearance place for Zappos which we all love,but sometimes I know just for me, I hate paying the full prices.
Great News to me, I found out Kmart, YES you heard me right, KMART has runway where they do knockoff's of designer shoes. WOW. CUTE AND CHEAP. I will order a pair and see the duriabilty and such and tell you later.
I can not forget to mention my favorite place to buy, at shoemetro via ebay. This seller has all the namebrans, cheap prices. UNBEATABLE. I order from them every month. Who can not love paying 70 bucks cheaper for Steve Madden, Jessica Simpson and Nine West shoes??

I also read about a website called Anyone else used them before? Or heard about it? I guess I am slow and have not seen anything about it yet.(sigh) I will try it out and let you know.
UPDATE*** As well as shoemetro via ebay I get great deals at gothamcity. So try some of these links out.
Um...I think that is it...OH figured I would show you some of the new shoes I bought actually on about that?? Well like you can argue right? YOU MUST SEE my fat feet in these sexy high heels.=)

Above and to the Right: Purple Old Navy Wrap Espadrilles for $20. I got mine last year, but they have more again this year.

Above and to the right are the new Steve Madden ones I told you about a couple posts ago that did not have the price. Shoemetro on Ebay.

Above are the Steve Madden wedges I bought via shoemetro on Ebay. I talked about them in a previous post.


Lydia said...

ALL of those shoes are fabulous! :)

Good ideas on how to wear my espadrilles...and I like the heels AND the wedges...

and your feet aren't fat, or if they are, they look great in those shoes despite! ;)

Lydia said...

and fogism...great word meaning....?

i had one the other day and it was a real word, but it wasn't a nice word...maybe they need to edit their verification dictionary. :)

~B~ said...

The wedges are great because you have even pressure on your whole foot.

Sal said...

All adorable, but the d'Orsays are my fave!

Milly said...

I own the Sm D'orsays too ..but i love the SM wedges..too cute!