Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On the Prowl

Almost time for June, I am so happy too. Well DUH of course it is because I have my shoe budget all over again!=) As well though that my summer plans can start to kick off. So far we have a trip planned to Germany in the end of June possible beg of July, camping in France in the middle of July, then my dear hubby has a training class type work errr thingy in August in London(I LOVE THAT TOWN) so going to go be with him for just 4-5days. Plus then August means fall classes will start, my trip back home to the Utah for a week to see my gram then onto Scotland for Halloween.=) Phhhhewww! All done I think? Those are just the for sure plans. OOoh wow the rain is just coming down hard on my windows. It was so nice and sunny here yesterday, which made it so hot in this old house that we had 3 fans in the bedroom. Wait..this is a shoe blog enough of the blah, blah and blah that I should save more my journal style blog.

So because I have a new shoe budget becoming available in a matter of days, time to prowl the scene, I have yet to find those black Steve Madden's I want in a cheaper price. However I did find these?

How lovely are these?

The retro print is calling my name and the less than 3inch heel is awesome for us tall gals. Not that I mind wearing 4-5 inches, but sometimes I do not like to tower over 6ft.=) These are signature Shi's over here at shibyjourney

Yeah it is true at 69.99 plus shipping I might not get more than one pair this month.

Then these wild, out of the normal funky flats are something I think that I should try out? Yes? No? Maybe?...maybe get them then if I do not like them...anyone a size 10? =)

So after going to Shi's I went to 6pm.com, I am glad I found out about this site.

These simple black Nine West's are 52% off!! Wooozah! I need a pair of simple black shoes too.

So then I saw these Betsy Johnson lovelys at 6pm.com too.

Orange,Orange and Orange. The fashion blogs around here have been on fire with this color this spring. Which I notice the fashion part of bloggy land has a lot of the same followers. It is great to see so many of the same people commenting.

Anyways these are 50% off, and yeah at $92+ shipping I would go over budget...um HELLO for miss betsy so worth it.=)

So those were the favorites I found so far, I will still be on the prowl..I think I need to set a higher shoe budget? Or make this blog more than just about shoes? Since I created a purse budget, a jewlery and a makeup one. I know it is sad that I set these limits for me. Just has to be that way, if I do not do that my husband,my checking account and/or credit cards would be argueing every month with me,myself and I.



Sher said...

Love the orange Betsy Johnsons ;)

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