Sunday, May 24, 2009

Helpful Tips..I think

Figured that I would post some helpful things I do in order for my feet not to be hurt by a good cute pair of heels, heck even flats can rub the back of your heel and hurt you. Some many girls stay away from heels because they do not want to deal with the pain. That is smart, you do not want to have shoes that outright cause pain...but the ocassionaly blister, sore heel are worth it for some of the designs.

I have found ways to help prevent all that, 80% of the time it works and I love it....if i really love them and they hurt to bad I just wear them to dinner or some place I will be sitting, then get home and wash the blood out of them....=)

1.wrap some medical tape around the sides of your toes, prevents the rubbing,
2. Put the badnaids made for blisters on the back of my heel before one starts to give some extra padding.
3. Do the inserts on the back of shoes and the bottom, gel ones are the best
4. Realize no matter how comfy the heels are, they are not made for 2mil walks.=)
5. If I have the time soak them in Dead Sea salt, and when I had a foot bath did that and used the massage option. Need to still buy one that is on the 220 system
6. I also well take the shoes off as soon as I get home, elevate my feet, and at night rub this tinglly anti stress cream into my piggies.

What things do you do that help your piggies stay happy??


A lovely fellow blogger mentioned moleskin as an awesome helper. I have heard about it but have not used it, I think that would work better than the medical tape.

I also forgot to mention one type of the pads I like to use if I can not get the gel ones I used to buy at are the awesome ones they sell at foot petals. They have so many different types for every type of style. Go check them out.

Oh and FYI next week I will be doing a post on pedicure tips and stuff to keep your piggies happy.


WendyB said...

These are good ideas -- I should do more for prevention!

~B~ said...

Sorry for all the typos.=) I am almost where I have to do the pre-dying feet routine or I just die. Even at 5'9 1/2(yep threw the half in) I have heels that are 4-5 inches and that just puts a toll on your feet.

Sher said...

Thanks for the ideas :)

Lydia said...

Funny--I spent my entire Sunday morning working on several pairs of heels doing just what you've suggested. I've found Moleskin to be one of the best solvers of the shoe rub--especially when it's in the front of and open-toed shoe on the big toe. Wal-Mart also sells heel cushion-things (official sounding, huh?) that add some padding to pretty much anywhere you'd need them.

Great ideas, though! :)

~Hurricane B~ said...

I think I have heard about the moleskin. I will have to look for those online. I can not get to a Walmart for the next few years. Yeah the heel cushion things I buy at Shi by journeys.